The Faculty of Cybersecurity, Software Engineering and Computer Science was established on the initiative of the President of the International Humanitarian University, Serhii Kivalov.

The Faculty of Cybersecurity, Software Engineering and Computer Science is a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers, masters of their craft, whose work is aimed at training competitive specialists in the IT and telecommunications industry.

The Faculty of Cybersecurity, Software Engineering and Computer Science provides training in the following specialties:
014 Secondary education (Computer Science) (Educational program "Computer Science and Programming")
121 Software engineering
122 Computer networks
123 Computer engineering
125 Cybersecurity
172 Telecommunications and Radio Engineering (Educational program "Computer Networks and the Internet")

The mission of the faculty is
to train highly qualified and competitive IT and telecommunications specialists in fruitful cooperation with stakeholders capable of solving complex problems in the field of information technology, effective telecommunications engineering and fundamental research for the successful digital transformation of Ukraine and the world.

Our advantages

  • Diploma
    State diploma with a supplement to the European diploma and the possibility of obtaining an international diploma by participating in the Double Diploma program (Germany) to obtain two diplomas simultaneously - a bachelor's or master's degree from the International Humanities University and a bachelor's or master's degree from Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Köthen, Germany).

  • Teacher
    Highly qualified and experienced faculty, lecturers who have completed internships at European universities and have modern unique teaching methods, involvement of leading IT and telecommunications specialists in master classes, lectures and thematic lectures, and invited lecturers from foreign universities.
  • Learning in English
    Studying in separate groups with all disciplines of the educational program taught in English, acquiring technical English skills, constant work with teachers and volunteers from around the world to improve the level of technical English.
  • Training
    Availability of state orders and affordable contract price
    Full-time, part-time and distance learning
    Bachelor's degree
    Duration of study: 3 years and 10 months
    Master's degree
    Duration of study: 1 year and 4 months

  • Educational programs
    State-of-the-art educational programs aligned with European universities, the latest courses and modern approaches to teaching.
  • Infrastructure
    The most modern learning environment, comfortable laboratories equipped with the latest equipment, hotel-style dormitories, a sports complex with training grounds.
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