125 Cybersecurity and information protection
About the educational program
"Cybersecurity and information protection"
Development of secure software (C++, C#, Java, Python)
Web security, security of banking and e-commerce systems
Hardware and system software of infocommunication and computer and Internet of Things IoT networks, universal and special purpose for protection against unauthorized access
Client and server operating systems, including special-purpose systems to ensure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of information and to prevent unauthorized access
Cybersecurity management in accordance with international standards ISO 127K
Management of incident investigation, risk management and audit of cybersecurity systems
Ethical hacking
Digital forensics
Creation and maintenance of database management, e-mail, Web-oriented, monitoring and diagnostic systems to ensure the proper level of database protection
You will gain the following knowledge:
For whom?
For graduates of schools, lyceums, gymnasiums and colleges and anyone who wants to connect their career with the software engineering industry
Employment prospects
The qualifications and knowledge acquired in the specialty 125 Cybersecurity and Information Protection provide employment opportunities:
Security Administrator - system administrator at high-security facilities (banks, large and strategic enterprises, etc.)
Security Analyst - analyst on cyber threats to information systems
Chief Infosec Officer - head of the information security department
Security Code Auditor - code security auditor
Forensiсs Expert - expert in cybersecurity incident investigation
Cryptographer - specialist in cryptography
Security Manager - a specialist, manager of security departments of commercial and governmental institutions
Developer of cross-platform software - developer of cross-platform software for monitoring and eliminating threats
Security Software Developer - developer of secure C/C++/C#/Java/Python software
Teachers who have completed internships at European universities, involvement of leading IT and telecommunications specialists in master classes
Study in separate groups
with English as the medium of instruction, gaining technical English skills
Learning in English
State-of-the-art educational programs aligned with European universities, the latest courses and modern approaches to teaching
About the educational program
State-of-the-art educational programs aligned with European universities, the latest courses and modern approaches to teaching
State standard with a supplement to the European standard diploma
and the possibility of obtaining an international diploma by participating in
in the Double Diploma program
Guaranteed employment
Modern infrastructure for education, sports and recreation
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